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Tchaikovsky: The Seasons, Op. 37b and Six Morceaux, Op. 19

Classical Records - #178 Released 2017
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Works by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky

Classical Records - #163 Released 2014
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Gyorgii Sviridov:
Piano Works

Altarus - #9053
Released October 1997
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Sergei Slonimsky:
Piano Music (Volume 1)

Altarus - #9085
Released October 2000
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Sergei Slonimsky:
Piano Music (Volume 2)

Altarus - #9086
Released November 2000
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Brahms and Schumann:
Piano Duets (with Katerina Zaitseva)

Classical Records - #066
Released July 2005
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Russian Concertos

Classical Records - #104
Released December 2007
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Gyorgii Sviridov: Piano Works
Nikita Fitenko, piano

On this CD:

Partita in F minor
1. Prelude listen
2. March listen
3. Mourning Music
4. Intermezzo
5. Ostinato listen
6. Recitative
7. Solemn Music

Partita in E minor
8. Prelude
9. Arietta
10. Invention-Intermezzo
11. Romance
12. Fugue listen

13. Allegro vivo e risoluto
14. Largo
15. Allegro vivo listen

Children's Album
16. Lullaby
17. Skipping Girl listen
18. A Gentle Request
19. Stubborn Boy
20. Bells Ringing
21. Music Box listen
22. An Old Dance
23. Before Going to Bed
24. A Lad with an Accordion
25. Merry March
26. Wizard
27. A Plaintive Song
28. Miniature Toccata
29. Winter
30. Rain listen
31. March on a Theme by Glinka
32. Musical Moment listen

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Sergei Slonimsky: Piano Music (Volume 1)
Nikita Fitenko, piano

On this CD:

1. Piano Sonata listen

24 Preludes and Fugues, Book 1 (Nos. 1-12)
2. Prelude and Fugue I
3. Prelude and Fugue II
4. Prelude and Fugue III
5. Prelude and Fugue IV
6. Prelude and Fugue V
7. Prelude and Fugue VI
8. Prelude listen and Fugue VII listen
9. Prelude listen and Fugue VIII
10. Prelude and Fugue IX
11. Prelude and Fugue X
12. Prelude listen and Fugue XI
13. Prelude and Fugue XII

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Sergei Slonimsky: Piano Music (Volume 2)
Nikita Fitenko, piano

On this CD:

24 Preludes and Fugues,
Book 2 (Nos. 13-24)

1. Prelude and Fugue XII
2. Prelude and Fugue XIV listen
3. Prelude and Fugue XV
4. Prelude and Fugue XVI
5. Prelude and Fugue XVII
6. Prelude and Fugue XVIII
7. Prelude and Fugue XIX
8. Prelude listen and Fugue XX
9. Prelude and Fugue XXI
10. Prelude and Fugue XXII
11. Prelude and Fugue XXIII listen
12. Prelude and Fugue XXIV

From the collected piano works "From Five to Fifty"
13. Bitter Tears
14. In the Rain we are Singing listen
15. Cloudy Evening
16. A Sneak
17. Cartoons with Adventures listen
18. Northern Song
19. March of the Dreadful Villain Barmaley
20. Thumbelisa
21. French Suite (March - Melancholy Romance - Jolly Song - Funeral March - Minuet - Street Organ - March)
22. Elegy in Memory of Sibelius

From the cycle "Reminiscences of the 19th Century"
23. Romantic Waltz listen
24. Intermezzo in Memory of Brahms listen

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Piano Duets by Brahms and Schumann
Katerina Zaitseva and Nikita Fitenko, piano

"The duo team of Zaitseva-Fitenko is one to watch closely. They play with four hands, but sing with one voice. Superlative is their description: superlative sound, superlative interpretation, superlative pianism…"
-European Piano Teachers Association Journal: July 2006

"The players are unified in approach. ...These performances do take wing and present the composer's ideas in a forthright and undistorted manner."
-American Record Guide: September/October 2006

On this CD:

Two Hungarian Dances
1. No. 1 in G minor
2. No. 6 in D -flat major listen

16 Waltzes, Op. 39
4. II
5. III listen
6. IV
7. V
8. VI listen
9. VII
10. VIII
11. IX
12. X listen
13. XI
14. XII
15. XIII
16. XIV
17. XV
18. XVI listen

Variations on a Theme by Schumann, Op. 23
19. Thema listen
20. Variation I
21. Variation II
22. Variation III listen
23. Variation IV
24. Variation V
25. Variation VI
26. Variation VII
27. Variation VIII listen
28. Variation IX listen
29. Variation X

Ballroom Scenes
30. Prelude
31. Polonaise
32. Waltz
33. Hungarian Dance
34. French Dance
35. Mazurka
36. Ecossaise
37. Waltz
38. Promenade

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Russian Concertos

"This is a simply gorgeous performance by Nikita Fitenko"
-Fanfare Magazine: September/October 2008

"Scriabin's concerto surely deserves to be heard more often, especially in convincing performances like the one given by Nikita Fitenko."
-American Record Guide: July/August 2008

Russian Philharmonic Orchestra
Marlan Carlson, Conductor
Nikita Fitenko, Piano
Alexander Tutunov, Piano
Katerina Zaitseva, Piano

On this CD:

1. Glazunov Piano Concerto No. 2, Op. 100
Katerina Zaitseva, Piano

2-4. Scriabin Piano Concerto, Op. 20

Nikita Fitenko, Piano

5-6. Tchaikovsky Concert Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra, Op. 56
Quasi rondo

Alexander Tutunov, Piano

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